To Change or Not to Change?! Name Change with HitchSwitch (Review)

Dr. Tilton.

Dr. Chapman. 

Dr. Tilton-Chapman. 

I’ve been scribbling these names down in my notebook like a middle schooler in love since our engagement. To be real, I never thought much about changing my name before, but with a wedding in less than a year (EEK!) the thought has been crossing my mind more and more lately. 

Do I want to share the same last name as my future children? Will writing out “Tilton-Chapman” give me a writer’s cramp for the rest of my life? How will my family feel if I, the first doctor in my family, changed my maiden name?

There are a lot of reasons for why someone chooses (or chooses not to) change their last name and each is valid. For those of us that do decide to make the big switch, it can mean a lot of stress when trying to figure out exactly how to go about it. I mean, who thought that a name change would be so much legal jargon and paperwork to get through?

That’s where HitchSwitch comes in. I first heard about them when a friend used their services to change her last name. They’ve been a huge help with answering my questions and were nice enough to gift me their premium package! If you’re thinking about changing your name, read below to find out more about the process!


Sign up for an account on their website. It only takes a few minutes and asks you a little bit about yourself, your wedding, and your future last name.


Pick out your package. They offer 3 packages ranging from $39.99 – $99.99. The premium package I selected comes with pre-populated forms, passport help, a helpful checklist, aaaand a personal concierge to answer all of your questions!


Wait patiently for your package to arrive in the mail. Mine came in just a few days!


Complete the forms in your personalized packet. HitchSwitch walks you through how to change your social security card, license, passport, and any other necessary documents. TBH it’s pretty hard to mess things up because they make things so simple and easy to understand. Then you’ll need to update other important things like your bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, etc.

Getting through all of the paperwork is annoying no matter what, but HitchSwitch does their best to alleviate so much stress and guess work!


Enjoy your new last name and life with your partner!

So what do you think – will you be changing your last name? Comment your thoughts below!

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  • I’m conflicted about it. I feel that I’ve accomplished so much and will accomplish much more with my maiden name. I feel the same as you, does that take my family history from my accomplishments?

    No matter the decision I make I know I will use HitchSwitch!

    I know God will help me make the right decision when the time comes! First I need a boyfriend! Small steps! 😂

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